Thomas Hodges Artist and Photographer Biography


hodges-bioThe successful award winning British born photgrapher Thomas Hodges‘ favorite subject matters are the structure of feminine beauty and the architectural structures of the great European cities, both important for the comfort of modern men. Thomas Hodge is the founder of a new concept in photgraphic art that he named “imaginistic”. Through his new theory on photgraphic art and its role in developping new perspectives, Thomas Hodges highlights the link between the visual and deeper visceral interdependence in human perception.

The image and its perception

Thomas Hodges believes that photographers should, as artists do, look beyond the simple image and use photography as a tool to discover new opportunities of this medium by adding personal interpretation to the image. He is using images to turn them into an almost abstract and very dense description of a core meaning to his topics. For the rest he invites the viewers to interact with their individual imagination and rebuild the images in their own perception.

The city as an image of many images

Although Thomas Hodges has an extensive experience with studio conditions, he is comfortable with his images on subject matters that are exigent of a broader perspective. He is sometimes exploring architectural structures of a big citiy for their beauty and sophistication to cut the perfect composition of a detail or of a panoramic set with a similar sense of harmony that he has for the female figure. For Thomas Hodge, the city is an image with many images which represent as many occasions for an emotional reflection or just a simple visual experiment.

The Wine Art of Thomas Hodges

An unusual project will see a limited series of 500 bottles of the finest Italian wines getting added value by works of Thomas Hodges. One of his image from the IPA award winning series, “Romantica” will be featured with the bottles which are specially designed and custom made for the occasion. The packaging is equally special and each bottle is issued with a handsigned photographic booklet.